Kalamazoo Rhinoplasty

Whether for functionality or aesthetics, rhinoplasty can help patients achieve a nose best suited to their facial features. After the 2-3 hour procedure, patients begin the healing process. Before your treatment, ask Dr. Holley about your healing process and your requirements for a quick and comfortable recovery. 

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, adjusts your nose’s shape, size, or contour for cosmetic or functional purposes. Rhinoplasty can involve changing the nose’s size, sculpting the tip’s shape, removing a hump, decreasing the size of the nostrils, and adjusting the bridge of the nose. 

At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, we allow patients to see what their new noses will look like prior to surgery through our Vectra 3D photo analysis. There are four types of rhinoplasties provided at West Michigan Plastic Surgery: closed, open, functional, and cosmetic. 

Nose Surgery
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Case: 1 of 2
Before & After Nose Surgery Case 8742 View #2 View in Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids, Michigan
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This 16 year old from Battle Creek, Michigan presented with evident septal deviation and abnormal dorsal aesthetics of the nose. She elected for functional septoplasty to minimize nasal obstruction and aesthetic rhinoplasty.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

How Long is Recovery from Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty recovery varies from person to person. Depending on the type of procedure, you can expect up to three weeks of downtime. Most patients’ recovery follows this schedule:

Day 1

At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, we recommend having someone help you with your recovery. Make sure to get plenty of rest and keep an ice pack and pain medication nearby. You will likely feel sore and have some bruising. You may eat soft foods if you feel comfortable, but always keep your head elevated.

Day 2-7

Pain, swelling, and bruising will gradually improve. Bandages and nasal splints are typically removed between days five and seven. 

Week 2

Most people start feeling well enough to return to everyday life between the second and third week after treatment. Recovery from open rhinoplasties may take longer. With Dr. Holley’s approval, you may resume wearing glasses for 30-minute periods. 

Week 3-4

Most people can return to their daily lives around this time, along with some strenuous activities. Please remember that exercising will cause your nose to swell again. The most important part of your healing during this time is to protect your nose from injury.

6 Months – 1 Year

Swelling will be less noticeable, and you can fully return to normal life. You should continue making efforts to protect your nose from trauma. Most patients see all remaining swelling dissipate and their final results after approximately one year. 

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What Not To Do Immediately After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty recovery can be a long process, but some activities can make it take longer. We do not recommend laying on your back, wearing glasses, smoking, or drinking alcohol at the beginning of the healing process. These activities can affect your blood flow and affect swelling and healing. 

Furthermore, we do not recommend blowing your nose, which can disrupt the healing process, or applying makeup, which could cause an infection. Before your surgery, please talk to Dr. Holley to learn about the “do not’s” of rhinoplasty. 

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