Give Your Breasts New Life

A beautiful bust isn’t just about size. Pregnancy, weight loss, and even the simple passage of time can cause your breasts to lose volume and sink, leaving you with a frustratingly flat, droopy look. Dr. Holley helps women reverse these negative changes by lifting and reshaping the breast mound and creating a younger, more “perky” look that enhances your appearance and self-confidence. This can be done with a breast lift procedure.

Our plastic surgery patients trust the high-quality results and compassionate, understanding approach of Dr. Scott Holley and the West Michigan Plastic Surgery Team.

Breast Lift
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What is Breast Lift Surgery?

The most common reasons women seek breast lift surgery are:

  • To restore their body following pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • To improve breast shape after significant weight loss
  • To correct breast sagging due to the natural aging process
  • To enjoy a more beautiful bust for the first time if they’ve always had drooping breasts

Breast lift surgery can also reduce the size of enlarged areolas, reposition downward-pointing nipples, improve breast firmness, and adjust asymmetry in size or position between the breasts.

Candidates for Breast Lift

The decision to undergo any surgical procedure is extremely personal. In addition to having at least one of the concerns discussed above, the ideal candidate for a breast lift is near her ideal body weight, does not plan future pregnancies, and has not breastfed for at least 6 months. A candidate for any surgical procedure should lead a healthy lifestyle, not smoke, and have realistic expectations about surgery.

What Should I Expect During My Consultation?

Dr. Holley understands that each breast lift patient has different goals and deserves to be treated as a unique individual with a valuable perspective. In your consultation at West Michigan Plastic Surgery, you will meet with Dr. Holley to explore your goals, understand your breast lift options, and learn more about whether this surgery would be an effective option for you.

Many women who have lost volume, in addition to having sagging breast tissue, choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation. This combination procedure is often the best choice to achieve a fully transformed, more attractive breast appearance. To help make this decision, we routinely utilize our Vectra 3D photo analysis system which will allow you to see your results before surgery.

What is a Typical Breast Lift Surgery Like?

Dr. Holley takes the time to craft each procedure according to the patient’s needs. During your consultation, he will explain the different approaches to breast lift surgery and help you select a surgical plan tailored to your desired outcome. While all of our breast lift patients want to restore a more natural, attractive, and comfortable shape to their breasts, some have additional concerns such as disproportionate breast volume or severely downward-pointing nipples, which Dr. Holley can also address during your procedure.

Many women choose to safely combine a breast lift with another body contouring procedure for a more comprehensive improvement of the changes that occur following pregnancy. The “mommy makeover” is actually one of the most popular procedures that Dr. Holley performs, so please feel free to explore all of your options. Visit our photo gallery to see the kind of results that are possible.

At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, we offer three basic approaches to breast lift surgery:

Circumareolar: This approach, also referred to as a donut or Benelli mastopexy, corrects mild breast sagging for women with smaller breasts by removing excess tissue and skin through a circular incision around the areola. Because the circumareolar technique requires the smallest incision, it leaves the most unobtrusive scarring but it also achieves less dramatic improvements. Patients with minimal sagging see the best results from this approach.

Lollipop: Using this technique, the surgeon corrects moderately sagging breasts by removing excess breast skin through an incision that encircles the areola and runs vertically toward the breast crease. He then repositions the nipple and areola on the breast mound. A lollipop lift is a good option for patients with an intermediate degree of sagging because it gives the surgeon more opportunity to remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue.

Anchor: For breasts that sag severely, an anchor lift allows the surgeon to remove excess skin and fat by means of an incision that is made around the areola, below the breast, and along the breast crease. This is the best option for women who require significant reshaping and removal of tissue to create a youthful contour and a pleasing shape.

What Results Will I See?*

Some improvement from your breast lift surgery will be visible right away, but it may take 2-3 months for your final results to become apparent. Your breasts will be perkier, firmer, and have a more aesthetically-pleasing shape that compliments your physique and helps clothing fit more attractively. As long as you maintain a stable weight and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, your breast lift results should last for many years. Aging and gravity will continue to produce natural changes, but a breast lift effectively “resets the clock” and your new figure will continue to look youthful for longer than it would have without surgery.

What is the Recovery Like?*

Before your procedure, Dr. Holley and our helpful, friendly staff will make sure you understand what to expect after a breast lift and how to plan for a healthy recovery. It’s normal to experience bruising, swelling and a moderate amount of discomfort in your breasts after surgery. Wearing a specialized surgical bra or soft, supportive sports bra can help decrease discomfort, minimize swelling, and ensure proper positioning of your breasts as they heal. Pain levels typically decline significantly after the first week, while bruising and swelling may persist for longer.

Although individual breast lift recovery time varies, most patients can expect to resume normal activities within a week and strenuous activities within a month. The six-week point usually marks the completion of the primary recovery process, when most of the postoperative bruising and swelling has resolved. Scars should flatten and fade over the next several months. You will have follow-up meetings after your surgery to ensure that you are recovering comfortably.

Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have visible scars from a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery incisions will leave scars, but they will fade over time. The extent of your scars will depend on the breast lift technique used, how closely you follow Dr. Holley’s post-operative instructions, and your individual capacity for healing. Breast lift incisions are carefully placed so that they are concealed by most clothing, undergarments, and swimwear. Most women feel strongly that the beautiful final results of a breast lift outweigh any concerns about visible scars.

Will a breast lift change the size of my breasts?

On its own, breast lift surgery will not significantly alter the size of your breasts. It is intended to make a patient’s breasts higher, tighter, and firmer, but not to increase or decrease volume. Some women feel that their breasts look smaller after having a breast lift, perhaps because the new shape and proportions of their breasts take some getting used to, but the reality is that the size of the breasts changes minimally. Mastopexy needs to be paired with another procedure in order to change the true size of the breasts.

Can I combine a breast lift with breast augmentation?

This is a very popular combination procedure for women who want to boost their breast size as well as enjoy a more youthful placement of their breasts. Dr. Holley can insert breast implants at the same time as he performs the lift. This timing can be advantageous because it means the patient only needs to be put under anesthesia once and only needs to commit to one recovery period. It also gives Dr. Holley more control over the procedure so he can create the most beautiful, natural-looking results.

Can I combine a breast lift with breast reduction?

Some women experience issues with both excessive breast size and sagging. Because breast lift surgery removes very little breast tissue, these patients may benefit from a treatment plan that combines a breast lift with a breast reduction. A breast reduction is more effective in decreasing breast size because the procedure involves removing excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue. Enlarged areolas can be resized in either procedure separately or in the combined procedure.

Will a breast lift interfere with breastfeeding?

In most cases, having a breast lift does not affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed in the future. If this is an important concern for you, you may wish to postpone your surgery until you are finished nursing to ensure there is no chance of a negative impact on breastfeeding. Because pregnancy and nursing can reverse the improvements of a breast lift, it is typically recommended to postpone the surgery until you are finished with childbearing.