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Many women do not enjoy the appearance of their breasts. The breasts may be an area of insecurity, whether size, shape, position or another aspect. But, do you need breast augmentation surgery or a breast lift?

Breast Augmentation Overview

Breast augmentation has changed in recent years. With new technology and techniques, you can return to normal activities after 24 hours of your surgery. Breast augmentation is used to increase breast size, restore volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding, improve asymmetrical breasts, or restore balance and proportion with the lower half of the body.

Before your surgery, you will consider your implant size, type, shape, position, and incision placement. At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, Dr. Holley uses VECTRA 3D imaging to see how different implants affect the shape of your breasts. 

Breast Augmentation
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Breast Lift Overview

Breast lifts restore the body after breastfeeding, pregnancy, and significant weight loss and restore the breasts from sagging due to aging or for those who have always struggled with drooping. A breast lift can also reduce the size of areolas, reposition downward-pointing nipples, improve breast firmness, and adjust asymmetry. 

Before surgery, you will consider the level of correction which will influence the type of incision. Breast lifts do not change the breast size but reposition them to a more aesthetically pleasing state. 

Which One Do I Need: Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift?

Whether you need a breast augmentation or breast lift depends on your personal goals. Breast augmentation can increase the size and shape of your breasts but cannot correct the drooping or position of the areola. Breast lifts can change the position of the breasts and the size and placement of the areola but cannot change the size of your breasts.

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Many patients choose to receive both breast augmentation and lift at the same time to improve their overall appearance. It can save time and hassle of future procedures while returning your breasts to a younger, perkier position. 

Recovery from Breast Augmentations and Breast Lifts

After a breast augmentation, you may return to light activities but may need to wait 3-7 days before returning to work. After a breast lift, you may resume normal activities within a week. Both require wearing compression or surgical bras to ensure comfortable and easy healing.

If you choose to do both simultaneously, you will need at least one week of downtime. Final results and completed recovery happens around the six-week mark for breast augmentation, breast lifts, and a combination procedure.

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