Contour And Rejuvenate The Neck

If you’re tired of wearing turtlenecks and scarves to conceal your embarrassing ‘turkey neck,’ it may be time to consider a neck lift. A neck lift is a great way to get rid of your turkey neck because it removes loose, flabby neck skin and creates a more defined jawline.

At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Holley delivers excellent, natural-looking neck lift results to patients in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Neck lift surgery will not only help you get rid of your unflattering turkey neck or double chin, but it will also give your face an overall slimmer, younger look.

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What Is A Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a procedure that rejuvenates the neck by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the underlying muscles. The procedure tightens and elevates contours, so the neck looks slender and toned. A neck lift significantly enhances the lower face because it removes the turkey neck, which is often a source of embarrassment for many men and women.

Candidates For A Neck Lift

Men and women battling sagging skin and excess fat along the neckline, or platysmal bands caused by aging, are generally good candidates for a neck lift. Candidates should also be healthy, non-smokers, and have realistic expectations about surgery.

Your Neck Lift Consultation

During your neck lift consultation, be prepared to discuss details of neck lift surgery including the type of anesthesia, procedural steps, risks, recovery, and typical results. Dr. Holley will also ask about your medical history and any medical conditions you may have. He will examine your neck to determine if a neck lift is the best option for you. While some patients are good candidates for an isolated neck lift, most will see significantly greater improvement and facial harmony with a combined face/neck lift.

How Does It Work?

A neck lift is an outpatient procedure that may be done under general anesthesia or sedation. Neck lift surgery takes about 2-3 hours.

The incisions for neck lift surgery are very similar to a facelift but somewhat shorter, located behind the ears and under the chin. After the incisions are made, fat is removed or repositioned, and the underlying muscles tightened. Sagging skin is then cut and redraped across the neck. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures, and bandages applied.

If there is a lot of fat to be removed from the chin and neckline, liposuction may be included as part of neck lift surgery.


You should notice improvements in the appearance of your neck immediately after surgery. In the weeks following surgery, the neck will look firmer and more contoured as the swelling gradually subsides. Neck lift surgery not only gets rid of a turkey neck, but it also improves the overall appearance of the lower face.


There is generally swelling and bruising in the treatment area after a neck lift. Keeping the head elevated will help to minimize swelling. Most patients can return to work about 7-10 days after neck lift surgery. However, full recovery may take several months.