Create A Contoured, More Masculine Look

Male features are generally sharper, stronger, and well-defined, but the face loses definition with age. Male facial sculpting is designed to restore a youthful appearance and create harmony between the different facial features, so the face looks more masculine.

West Michigan Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive facial sculpting procedures for men in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Holley is skilled in facial surgery for men, and can, therefore, provide natural-looking transformations for patients.

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This 70 year old from Kalamazoo, Michigan desired to pursue aesthetic facial surgery. To achieve his great results he chose to undergo a facelift.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

What Is Male Facial Sculpting?

Male facial sculpting involves a combination of plastic surgery procedures for men, which are designed to address signs of aging, and create a defined, youthful, more masculine look.

Candidates For Male Facial Sculpting

Men who are dissatisfied with their facial appearance and would like to improve balance and achieve a more youthful look, are good candidates for male facial sculpting.

How Does It Work?

The plastic surgery procedures that are included in male facial surgery are typically performed under general anesthesia. The techniques used will depend on the specific procedures required to sculpt the face.


Results after male facial sculpting will take several weeks to show. It takes time for side-effects such as swelling and bruising to resolve, allowing final results to be seen.


Recovery after male facial sculpting varies depending on the treatments done. However, plastic surgery procedures typically require 1-2 weeks of recovery.

What Facial Sculpting Treatments Are Available For Men?

Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift gives the face a more refreshed appearance by rejuvenating the area above the eyes. This is achieved by removing excess tissue and elevating the brow area to reduce forehead wrinkles and frown lines.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery corrects sagging droopy upper eyelid skin, and undereye bags that can make you appear tired and aged. Eyelid surgery removes the excess skin and fat around the eyes to give them a refreshed, more alert appearance. The incisions for eyelid surgery are made within the natural crease of the eyelids, so scars are indiscernible.

Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery is one of the most effective ways to reduce signs of aging in the mid to lower face. It addresses skin laxity, deep facial folds and wrinkles, and weak facial muscles. A facelift gives the face a smooth, youthful appearance. Incisions for facelift surgery are usually hidden within the hairline and around the ears.

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty alters the shape and size of the nose. It is the ideal procedure for men that are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose. Surgery may involve removing a dorsal hump, refining a misshapen tip, reducing excessive nostril flare, or even correcting septal asymmetry. The incisions for rhinoplasty are typically made within the nose, so scars are not visible.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery or otoplasty is done to address protruding or prominent ears that are often a source of embarrassment. Ear surgery involves repositioning or reducing the ears so they look normal. Incisions for surgery are made behind the ear within the natural folds, so scars are not visible after surgery.