Restore Facial Definition And Fullness

Cheek and chin augmentation can dramatically improve facial balance and harmony. When these features are well-defined, the face looks attractive and more youthful.

Dr. Scott Holley offers cheek and chin augmentation for women and men in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, who would like to enhance the balance of their facial profile.

Chin Augmentation
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Case: 1 of 3

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

What is Cheek and Chin Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation and chin augmentation have traditionally been done using silicone facial implants, but fat transfer or fat grafting is now also a reliable and lasting alternative. Facial fat transfer or facial fat grafting is a process that uses your fat to add fullness to different areas of the face.

Cheek augmentation adds volume and shape to the cheeks and is done to address facial volume loss, which often makes the cheeks look hollow and sunken. Increasing volume in the cheeks contours the face and makes it look refreshed and youthful.

Chin augmentation also adds volume to the chin, and is typically performed to correct a weak or recessed chin, and achieve facial harmony.

Depending on the specific needs of the patient, cheek augmentation and chin augmentation can be performed as an isolated procedure or as a complement to procedures such as rhinoplasty or facelift.

Candidates For Cheek and Chin Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is ideal for patients with poorly defined cheeks that are hollow or sunken due to facial fat loss. Patients that would like to improve the projection of a weak or recessed chin may be good candidates for chin augmentation.

Vectra 3D Imaging of woman's chin

How Does It Work?

Cheek augmentation and chin augmentation are outpatient procedures that can be done under local or general anesthesia. The fat used for the procedure is harvested from problem areas of the body such as the abdomen or thighs, using a gentle liposuction procedure. After the fat has been harvested it is purified and prepared for transfer into the cheeks and/or chin to restore youthful shape and fullness.

Injecting the harvested fat cells into the cheeks is done meticulously to give the fat the best chance of survival.

Facial fat transfer is an effective way to add volume to the cheeks and chin, and since it is your own fat being used, there is little risk of rejection or an allergic reaction to the transferred fat.

Cheek and chin augmentation with implants involves placing and fixing a custom silicone implant to the area of deficient bone. The implant is placed next to the bone, deep to the soft tissue to provide the most natural look and feel possible.


Silicone implants generally provide a more dramatic change while fat transfer is softer, more subtle. Some of the transferred fat cells will be absorbed by the body, so additional treatments may be needed to achieve the desired fullness.

Once healing is complete the facial features should look more balanced. The results of cheek and chin augmentation using facial fat transfer or silicone implants are long-lasting, but the results can be affected by significant weight loss or weight gain.


Recovery after cheek and chin augmentation via fat transfer varies, but patients may need to take 7-10 days off work. After treatment, there will be some swelling in the recipient site i.e. the cheeks or chin, and there will also be mild swelling and bruising in the areas treated with liposuction. The swelling will gradually subside in the following days and weeks.