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Many women struggle with their breast size or placement, particularly as they age or after significant weight changes. You may be considering your options for breast augmentation but are unsure of what procedure is best for you. At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, breast reduction and breast lifts are typical procedures to bring back perky, aesthetically-shaped breasts.

Breast Reduction
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What are Breast Reductions?

Breast reduction surgically decreases the size of the breasts to aid in daily pain and discomfort from oversized breasts. Often oversized breasts result in back issues and limitations in physical activities. Some cases include a reduction in the areola’s size. 

The surgery removes excess skin and breast tissue to reduce their size. The reduced weight often results in firmer and more perky breasts while improving overall health.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift repositions the breasts to a more aesthetically pleasing position. This is beneficial for women with sagging breasts, downward pointed nipples, or breast unevenness. The areola may also be moved to a more pleasing position. 

The surgery only removes the excess skin, not the breast tissue. The result is increased confidence and more rounded breasts that fill your clothing properly. 

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Which Breast Procedure Is Best for Me?

Both breast reduction and breast lifts improve the appearance of breasts and have a relatively easy recovery with two to four weeks of downtime. Although both procedures address different issues, it is common for women to struggle with both excess breast tissue and sagging, resulting in women having both done simultaneously. Depending on your needs and struggles, breast reduction, breast lifts, or both can improve your health and boost your self-image. 

Learn More About Breast Augmentations & Mommy Makeovers

In addition to reduction and lifts, women often choose breast implants to increase breast size for women with smaller breasts or lost volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or age. These surgeries improve uneven breasts and enhance the cleavage for those who struggle with smaller breasts. With newer techniques, you’ll be able to return to light activities after 24 hours. 

Any of the surgeries listed above can be done as part of a combination treatment called a mommy makeover. Restoring your pre-baby body in one treatment, mommy makeovers are ideal for restoring your body and confidence after pregnancy. Dr. Holley does not recommend the mommy makeover if you plan on having more children. 

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