HydraFacial Kalamazoo
HydraFacial Kalamazoo

Combining exfoliation and rejuvenation with intensive skin treatments, HydraFacial® has become popular for the luminous, youthful glow it adds to the skin. Its brightening and refreshing results can even help get rid of acne.

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What is a HydraFacial®?

This three-step series of treatments fit a lot of skin rejuvenation into one HydraFacial®. This gentle but effective treatment uses its multi-step program to restore, illuminate, and clarify your skin. Non-invasive and suitable for all skin types, even acne-prone, HydraFacial® makes the perfect treatment for people who want their skin to glow with hydration and youthful radiance.

What are the Steps of a HydraFacial®?

A HydraFacial® uses three steps:

Step 1 = Cleanse+Peel

During this step, your skin receives gentle but thorough exfoliation to remove any dead skin cells and debris that might dull your skin. Your provider may also apply a light peel to make sure they have prepared your skin for the next step. Removing dull, lifeless layers of skin lets the skin underneath absorb and utilize all the following steps of treatment. 

Step 2 = Extract+Hydrate

A vacuum-like suction system pulls debris and oil out of the pores, leaving them looking smaller and clearer. This can also, over time, decrease acne breakouts by keeping the pores clean. After the extraction, the skin receives a hydrating treatment tailored to your skin needs, from brightening to anti-aging to clarifying. 

Step 3 = Fuse+Protect

In this step, the skin receives a special blend of antioxidants, which protect your skin from environmental damage, and peptides, the building blocks of healthy new skin. Antioxidants also help protect your skin from sun damage, but not as much as wearing sunscreen.

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What Results Can I Expect From a HydraFacial®? 

You can expect to see glowing, hydrated skin immediately after your first treatment. With repeated treatments, you can see fading of hyperpigmentation, diminished lines and wrinkles, and decreased signs of sun damage. In addition, this treatment often makes a dramatic difference for people with acne, who can see clearer skin and diminished acne scars. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a HydraFacial®?

Almost everyone can receive this gentle, non-invasive treatment. It works on all skin tones and types, unlike many lasers. Schedule a consultation to find out if you will benefit from this treatment and what kind of results you can expect. 

How Long Will a HydraFacial® Last?

The hydration and brightness from a HydraFacial® last about a week or a bit longer. We recommend return treatments at least once a month to improve and maintain your results. Over time, you will see more dramatic improvements than you did after your first few treatments. 

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