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While many women wish for larger breasts, many women also wish their breasts could be smaller. Large breasts can feel physically, socially, and emotionally uncomfortable. They can hold women back from doing things they enjoy, wearing clothes they like, and participating in physical activities. A breast reduction offers many benefits for women struggling with large breasts. 

Breast Reduction
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How Does Breast Reduction Work?

Breast reduction reduces the size of the breasts and removes or repositions the breast skin and tissue. The procedure will permanently remove the skin, breast tissue, and fat. Dr. Scott Holley, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will use an incision to access the breast tissue. This incision will also allow him to reposition the nipple and areola to a more aesthetically pleasing position without losing any sensation. 

Breast reduction surgery will remove as much breast tissue as the patient, and Dr. Holley decided on prior to surgery. Each woman will have her own goals for her breasts. Dr. Holley will make sure they achieve an attractive, well-shaped result that exceeds their expectations. 

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What are the Benefits of Breast Reduction?

Women with large breasts experience many benefits from breast reduction. Large breasts affect every aspect of a person’s life, and having them reduced can change a person’s life. Some benefits include:

Easier Clothes Shopping

Shopping for clothes with large breasts can become a nightmare when nothing seems to fit. With breast reduction, many women can wear any clothes they want for the first time since they developed their breasts. 

More Physical Activity

Exercise or even just walking up the stairs becomes uncomfortable with large breasts. Women can find well-fitting sports bras and engage in physical activity without feeling pain from their breasts with breast reduction. 

Improved Self-Esteem

Many women feel more confident after their breast reduction. Feeling like all attention is on your breasts can make a woman very self-conscious. 

Removal Of Back and Shoulder Pain

Most women with large breasts experience pain in the neck, shoulders, and back as a result of the weight of the breasts. A reduction lessens that weight and can dramatically reduce pain or eliminate it completely. 

Long-Lasting Results

The results of breast reduction will last a lifetime, although natural aging and gravity will eventually cause changes in the breasts’ position. In addition, significant changes in weight can also change the way a person’s results look. 

How Long is Recovery From a Breast Reduction

You will have some discomfort, swelling, and bruising for several days. Most people can go back to work within a week as long as it does not involve strenuous activity. These activities should wait at least four weeks or until you have your surgeon’s approval. 

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