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Does your scalp get the same care and attention as the skin on your face? Keravive™ restores the health of your scalp and refreshes hair follicles. Its cleansing and deeply hydrating treatments boost hair growth and thickness and increase the results of other methods and products. 

What is Keravive™? 

Hair grows from structures in the scalp called follicles. These can become clogged with dead cells and debris or enter a dormant state and stop growing hairs. Keravive™ improves hair growth and fullness. It uses gentle and effective extraction technology and unique treatments designed to boost scalp health. This treatment lets you give your scalp the cleansing and nourishment it deserves. 

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How Does Keravive™ Work?

Keravive™ is a three-step process. The first two steps happen in the office, and the third step allows you to boost and encourage your results at home. 

Cleanse and Exfoliate

After cleansing the scalp, the handpiece uses vortex technology to extract follicle-clogging debris. Inactive follicles can begin growing hair again, and existing follicles grow thicker healthier hair. 

Hydrate and Nourish

A special Peptide Complex Solution provides your follicles with proteins, nutrients, and growth factors to promote healthy hair growth. This solution stimulates new growth and activity, so your hair grows back more full and vibrant.

Extend and Enhance

You will take home a 30-day supply of Peptide Complex spray. You will spray this onto your scalp and massage it for full absorption. It will continue to enhance your results and boost your hair growth and appearance. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Keravive™?

Almost anyone makes a good candidate for this gentle, non-invasive treatment. Ideal candidates want to see improved scalp and hair health. If you want to improve thinning or help your hair grow healthier and more robust, Keravive™ can help. 

What Results Will I See With Keravive™?

Keravive™ works best when used as a series of treatments. We recommend three Keravive™ treatments spaced 30 days apart to achieve your best results. You can return for touch-up treatments as needed to keep your full, vibrant-looking hair or just for a refreshing scalp rejuvenation. 

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Is There Any Downtime With Keravive™?

You will not have any downtime after Keravive™. Your hair will dry within 15-20 minutes. You can return to your usual activities right away. We recommend waiting at least six hours before washing your hair so that your scalp absorbs the treatment. 

Can I Use Keravive™ With Hair Restoration Treatments?

Almost any other hair restoration treatment will work better with a healthy scalp and clear follicles. Use Keravive™ to improve and enhance the results of your other treatments and see the difference. Keravive™ can help almost anyone who wants to achieve fuller hair growth. 

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