By now, many of us are familiar with the wrinkle-smoothing neurotoxin known as Botox®. However, a new challenger called Daxxify® has arrived and drawn a lot of attention. What makes Daxxify® different from other neurotoxins, and should you try it? At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, we can help you learn more. 

What is Daxxify® (Botulinum Toxin)?

Daxxify® is an injectable treatment that uses botulinum toxin to relax facial muscles. When injected, Daxxify® targets expression lines and wrinkles caused by facial movements. It acts on the nerves that tell facial muscles to contract. When the muscle stops contracting, lines and wrinkles relax and become smoother. 

Daxxify® is the newest member of this injectable wrinkle-smoothing family, debuting in early 2023. Anticipation has been high due to the advantages Daxxify® offers over similar products like Botox®. 


Daxxify® vs. Botox®: What’s the Difference?

Botox® continues to reign as the monarch of injectable wrinkle-relaxers, but Daxxify® may earn its own loyal following. Despite their differences, the way they work remains basically the same

How Do Daxxify® and Botox® Work?

Both treatments use botulinum toxin to achieve their effects. Each neurotoxin uses its own version of this compound. They also contain proteins or other molecules that stabilize the botulinum toxin. Botox® uses a large protein called albumin as a stabilizer. Daxxify® uses a much smaller peptide that helps it reach its destination faster and last longer

Since both use botulinum toxin, they work in the same way: they stop targeted nerves from releasing a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Without this signal, your facial muscles will not contract and crease or wrinkle the skin. The primary differences between the two lie in the details. 

What are Daxxify® and Botox® Used For?

Daxxify® is FDA-approved to treat frown lines and can be used for other expression lines. It has no approved uses outside aesthetics. Botox®, the first neurotoxin product, also has many medical uses, including treatment for muscle spasms, hyperhidrosis, and migraines. While Daxxify® would most likely be safe for those uses, it targets lines and wrinkles. 

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How Long Do Daxxify® and Botox® Take to Work?

After injection, the botulinum toxin in these products needs to reach the targeted nerves. Botox® takes seven to ten days for results to appear and up to two weeks for full effects. Most people start seeing Daxxify® results within a day or two, with full results in under a week. Its unique peptide helps it reach your nerves and start acting on them more quickly. 

How Long Do Daxxify® and Botox® Last?

Like most of its relatives, Botox usually provides results lasting three to four months. They may last slightly longer for regular users. Daxxify® lasts at least six months, and many people still have visible results after nine months. The prospect of fewer office visits and fewer injections makes many people eager to try Daxxify®. 

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