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Wrinkles and fine lines are common as we get older, but they aren’t the only sign of aging. Sagging skin around the jawline, or jowls, occurs when the skin’s elasticity is weakened or reduced. As we age, collagen and elastin are reduced, which means your skin will look less voluminous. As it begins to sag, the tell-tale signs of jowls begin to appear.

Fortunately, there are treatments to eradicate jowls and restore your appearance. Dr. Scott Holley has extensive experience and is widely recognized as one of the most highly trained cosmetic surgeons in the country. As a Board-Certified practitioner, with fellowship training in hand and microsurgery, burn surgery, and cosmetic surgery, he is perfectly placed to help you find the right treatment and carry you through to naturally striking results.

Neck lift  Kalamazoo

Neck Lift Benefits

Also known as a lower rhytidectomy, a neck lift targets signs of aging around the jawline and neck. By removing excess fat in this area and rectifying skin relaxation, Dr. Holley’s treatment will minimize the appearance of jowls and create a stronger jawline. In some cases, tightening the platysma muscle—those that stretch between the upper chest to the jaw hinge—will also improve the appearance of the neck by minimizing muscle banding.

There are many benefits associated with neck lifts, including:

  • Maintaining a youthful appearance
  • Invisible scarring
  • Minimal recovery period
  • Boosting confidence
  • Target areas that diet and exercise have little impact on

Neck Lift Treatment and Recovery

The first step of neck lift treatment is a consultation with Dr. Holley. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your treatment goals and seek expert advice. Dr. Holley will examine and measure your face and possibly take photographs so that the appropriate treatments can be identified.

If you decide that a neck lift is the right option for you, your treatment will be arranged at a time and date that suits you. A neck lift procedure varies depending on the patient’s specific needs but, in most cases, very small incisions will be made behind the ears and under the chin, so that the muscles in the neck can be adjusted. Following this, the skin is tightened, and liposuction may be used to remove excess fat from the area.

Once the procedure is complete, a bandage is usually placed around your jawline, face, and/or neck. You will be given personalized instructions to ensure you’re able to care for the area during your recovery. In most instances, patients are able to return to their normal daily activities, excluding exercise, within a two-week period.

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Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

If you feel jowls, excess skin around the neck or a ‘double chin’ is impacting your appearance of confidence, you may be a good candidate for a neck lift. Providing you’re in good health, are a non-smoker, and understand the benefits the procedure can offer, it’s likely that you’ll be able to move forward with the treatment.

However, one-to-one consultation with Dr. Holley will ensure that your medical history, treatment expectations, and current health confirm your suitability for a neck lift before your procedure is scheduled.

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