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West Michigan Plastic Surgery

West Michigan Plastic Surgery is the practice of Kalamazoo board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Scott Holley. He and his carefully selected team of aestheticians and professionals strive to offer their patients a level of service and expertise in aesthetics that has not previously been available in Kalamazoo. High quality care, board certified experience, and remarkably natural-looking results are what make West Michigan Plastic Surgery the choice for men and women looking to enhance their appearance.

“It means a lot for people to put their trust in me and my team. We take it very seriously.”

Dr. Holley and every wonderful member of his staff want their patients to be thrilled with the way they look and with the experience and feel privileged to be able to make profound changes in each patient’s life. Dr. Holley does a wide range of procedures from breast and body enhancement, to hand and reconstructive surgery, to facial injectables and fillers. Patients say his demeanor makes them feel comfortable, informed and confident in his experience and recommendations.

“I appreciate what is beautiful in the world and try to carry that sensibility into my work.”

Dr. Holley has a very critical eye for balance, line and shape. He says, “I’m a sculptor, sculpting the human body, breasts and face. But unlike a sculptor working in marble, I am creating beauty in its most dynamic and changing form. We realize all elective aesthetic procedures are expensive and involve recovery time. If I do my job well, each patient will come away with a great sense of ‘value’ for the transformation that is achieved.”

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