As the temperatures begin to dip here in West Michigan you are sure to notice a difference in your skin. It’s true, the winter air is far more harmful to your skin than any other season.  A healthy skincare regimen is very important during the winter months. Here at West Michigan Plastic Surgery, we trust our skin to SkinBetter® Science. With a comprehensive approach to skincare, SkinBetter Science has made it their mission to create skincare uniquely formulated to deliver visible skin rejuvenation.

Say Goodbye to a Dull Complexion

So many of Dr. Holley’s patients complain of a dull and lack-luster complexion in the winter. Built-up of damaged and dead skin cells can hinder how much light your skin reflects, making it appear dull and making any skin imperfection appear more pronounced. At-home exfoliation can help remove stubborn old skin cells. We love SkinBetter’s Detoxifying Scrub Mask. Both a scrub and a mask, this unique clay-based blend uses gentle, biodegradable beads to lightly buff away tired skin cells to reveal a fresh and vibrant complexion.

Encourage Your Skin’s Cellular Turnover

During the winter months, our skin cells renew themselves far less quickly. Help your skin rejuvenate by encouraging cellular turnover with SkinBetter’s AlphaRet® Overnight Cream FACE. This new skin rejuvenating technology is the result of combining retinoid and alpha hydroxyl acids (like lactic acid)—a breakthrough feat that allows users to take advantage of two gold standard anti-aging ingredients in one product. Together, they create a synergistic effect that yields results so good they have been compared to those of professional grade chemical peels.

When in Doubt, Hydrate

Nothing compromises our skin’s moisture natural barrier more than dropping temperatures and whipping winds. Along with looking and feeling dry, flakey, and uncomfortable, dehydrated skin emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles. A nourishing moisturizer can help restore radiance by saturating your skin with essential nutrients.  We encourage men and women to invest in SkinBetter’s Hydration Boosting Cream FACE, a lightweight moisturizer that reduces loss of moisture in the skin while delivering immediate and long-lasting hydration to further support a healthy skin barrier.

SkinBetter Science at West Michigan Plastic Surgery

It is more important than ever to stick to your skincare regimen during the winter months. We carry SkinBetter Science’s full skincare line at our Portage and Battle Creek offices. West Michigan Plastic Surgery’s team of skincare professionals look forward to helping you look your best in the coming months.

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