You have more options than ever for sculpting and shaping your face and body. Plastic surgery focuses on bringing out your natural beauty so you feel more confident. Plastic surgery has many benefits beyond improving your appearance. In many cases, these procedures can transform your life. 

What is Plastic Surgery?

The “plastic” in plastic surgery does not indicate that they use plastic to achieve results. Instead, it reflects that the face and body are changeable and can be adjusted to create your desired appearance. Plastic surgery is usually cosmetic, although reconstructive plastic surgery can be medical. Plastic surgery procedures have more recovery time than non-invasive treatments but have more noticeable and longer-lasting results. 


Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures and Their Benefits

The list of most popular plastic surgery procedures varies by source and location. This list includes five of Dr. Holley’s most popular procedures. They have earned their popularity by providing dramatic, life-changing improvements. 


Many reports say liposuction has passed breast augmentation as the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Liposuction uses a cannula inserted through small incisions to break up and remove fat. Benefits of liposuction include its ability to target areas of stubborn fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. Liposuction is less invasive than most plastic surgery procedures and usually requires less recovery time. Liposuction offers the most effective body sculpting method and can remove much more fat than non-invasive methods. 

Breast Augmentation

Breasts can have a powerful impact on a woman’s sense of self. Breast augmentation can correct small, oddly shaped, or asymmetrical breasts. The procedure usually inserts saline or silicone implants to increase volume and add shape. The benefits of breast augmentation include improved confidence and long-lasting results. Breast augmentation is often combined with a breast lift, another popular procedure that corrects drooping breasts and restores a full, youthful appearance. 

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Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck addresses an area of tremendous self-consciousness for women and men. Pregnancy or weight changes can stretch the abdominal area, resulting in loose skin and accumulated fat. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat to tighten and flatten the abdomen. While abdominoplasty requires a longer recovery time, most people find their results more than worth it. 


Rhinoplasty changes the shape, size, or other characteristic of your nose. As the center of the face and one of your defining features, your nose can become a source of self-consciousness. Rhinoplasty adjusts the structures of your nose to achieve the shape and appearance you want. This procedure can also be performed to correct breathing problems or the result of an injury.

Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty has become popular due to its powerful anti-aging results. Other benefits include little to no scarring and minimal recovery time. An eyelid lift rejuvenates the upper or lower eyelids, erasing puffy undereye bags and sagging lids. Blepharoplasty is popular alone or in combination with a facelift, brow lift, or other plastic surgery procedures. 

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