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Breast augmentation has long been one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. However, if you are interested in this type of surgery, you will want to know how much it is going to cost! After all, you want to ensure you’re being quoted a fair price, yet at the same time, you don’t want to go for a price that is worryingly cheap. So, let’s take a look at the average cost of breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation
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Average Cost for a Breast Augmentation

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery for 2019, $3,947 is the average cost of breast implants. However, one thing you must recognize is that this only reflects the surgeon’s fee aspect of the total cost. This average total does not incorporate related expenses, such as operating room facilities and anesthesia. 

Factors that Influence Final Breast Augmentation Pricing

While we have outlined the average cost of breast augmentation in the above section, it is imperative to realize that this can differ from clinic to clinic and patient to patient. This is because there are a number of different variables that are at play.

The geographic location of the office can make a difference. Also, the type of procedure used and the surgeon’s fee will be factored in. The latter will be determined by the experience of the surgeon.

There can also be other extra costs that are added to the final total as well. This includes prescriptions for medication, post-surgery garments, medical tests, surgical facility or hospital expenses, and anesthesia fees. This is why you need to make sure that you are fully aware of what is included in the price that you have been quoted.

Benefits of a Breast Augmentation

There are a number of different benefits that are associated with breast augmentation. Adding curves and volume is one of the main reasons women opt for this treatment. If your breasts and naturally flat and small, you may desire to have a more curvaceous physique. 

However, the benefits extend a lot further than this. Breast augmentation can also help to even out naturally asymmetrical breasts. Other patients opt for this treatment because they want to rebuild their breasts after a mastectomy, and there are then those who wish to restore their breasts after aging or pregnancy, both of which can take their toll. 

Needless to say, breast augmentation can be a massive confidence booster for a lot of people!

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Who is a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Finally, you may be wondering whether or not you are going to be a good candidate for breast augmentation. Generally speaking, a good candidate for this procedure is someone who is in good physical and mental health. 

You will not be able to have this treatment if you have an abnormal mammogram, breast cancer, or you are breastfeeding or pregnant. If you are unsure as to whether this is going to be the right treatment for you, this is something we can discuss with you in full during your consultation. 

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