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Mommy Makeover

This 27 year old mother from Otsego, Michigan presented with breast deflation, loose abdominal skin, and stubborn fat of the hips and waist. She chose a plan that combined breast augmentation...Click here for more details
This 35 year old from Mattawan, Michigan presented with sagging breasts and loose abdominal skin following multiple pergnancies. She chose to combine a breast lift and standard abdominoplasty to...Click here for more details
This 48 year old from Kenmore, Washington presented with postpartum breast ptosis and abdominal skin laxity. She chose to undergo aesthetic combined mastopexy and...Click here for more details
This 40 year old from Portage, Michigan presented with post-partum breast sagging, abdominal skin laxity, and stubborn fat of the hip and waist. She chose to combine augmentation/mastopexy (350cc...Click here for more details
This 36 year old from Coldwater, Michigan expressed concerns of breast deflation, stubborn fat accumulation, and loose abdominal skin despite regular exercise and careful diet. She chose to...Click here for more details
This 43 year old from Battle Creek, Michigan presented with postpartum loss of breast volume, abdominal skin laxity, and mild residual lipodystrophy. She chose to undergo a combination...Click here for more details
This 24 year old from East Leroy, Michigan experienced significant weight fluctuation and presented with severe breast sagging and loose abdominal skin. She chose to undergo...Click here for more details
This 32 year old from Galesburg, Michigan presented with typical post-partum breast deflation and loose abdominal skin. She underwent breast augmentation with a 350cc moderate profile saline...Click here for more details
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