Motherhood is one of the most incredible, beautiful, and rewarding experiences any woman can have. 

Most women will agree that giving birth to their little bundle of joy completely changed their life. While this is mostly for the better, some women find the changes to their body challenging to deal with.

It’s not easy to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body, no matter how hard you try.

You may have noticed that your breasts have lost their fullness and are more droopy. You may have loose skin around your stomach that you can’t shift. 

No matter what applies, a mommy makeover from West Michigan Plastic Surgery could be just the thing you’re looking for. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the treatment and the costs.

About Mommy Makeover

The term “mommy makeover” refers to a series of cosmetic procedures that surgically restore the patient to her pre-baby shape. 

On a basic level, a mommy makeover will typically include a type of abdominal surgery combined with breast surgery. However, the key here is that your treatment plan will be unique to you. In consultation with Dr. Holley, you will be able to put together a plan to help you achieve your desired result. 

Some of the different breast procedures you may wish to have as part of your mommy makeover include breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction. A lot of women will combine breast augmentation with a lift. 

In terms of stomach procedures, liposuction and tummy tucks tend to be the two most popular. 

Mommy Makeover
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Mommy Makeover Costs

The cost of a mommy makeover will depend on the treatments that are included in your plan. Because of this, mommy makeovers tend to range between $9,000 and $20,000. 

When you book a consultation with Dr. Holley, he will be able to take you through all of the procedures, providing you with a cost for each one so that you can get a better understanding of the overall price. 

Your mommy makeover cost will cover not only the expense of the treatments themselves but also any x-rays and medical tests, post-surgery garments, prescriptions for medication, anesthesia fees, and medical facility costs. 

When you choose West Michigan Plastic Surgery, we are always upfront about the costs entailed, and we will give you a full breakdown so you know exactly what is included.

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Am I a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

A good candidate for a mommy makeover is someone who has good medical health and realistic expectations. You should also be settled in terms of your family, meaning you’re not planning to have another baby.

A mommy makeover is a highly individualized treatment. You should always do this for yourself, never to fulfill another person’s desires or to try and fit into some kind of ideal image. 

If you are unsure whether this is the right treatment for you, Dr. Holley will discuss all of your options with you so that you can get a better understanding.