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Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Kalamazoo

For those impacted by skin cancer, the process doesn’t always end once the cancer has been successfully removed. Those who specifically undergo Mohs Surgery, or skin cancer removal from the face, also take on the reconstruction process. Dr. Scott Holley is a board certified reconstructive surgeon in the Kalamazoo area who is prepared to walk with you through the next steps in overcoming skin cancer.

Mohs reconstruction surgery is designed to fix deficits left from Mohs Surgery. Depending on the shape and size of the deficit, Dr. Scott Holley will use a variety of techniques to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment to create the most natural results. Dr. Holley has performed outstanding reconstruction surgery results in his 18 years as a surgeon, and he is committed to working with each of his Michigan patients to help them get the results they want.

Your Mohs Reconstruction Consultation

Dr. Holley understands that you will have lots of questions about your specific reconstructive procedure, and he will carefully answer those during your initial consultation. He will listen to your expectations and examine the current deficits that need repair. Dr. Holley will discuss the different Mohs reconstruction techniques with you and also how he will personalize your treatment based on your expectations and his initial examination.  Dr. Holley will work with you to guarantee that you are feeling confident and comfortable throughout the entire surgery and recovery process.  

Mohs Reconstruction Questions to Discuss with Dr. Holley

  • Where will my reconstruction surgery take place?
  • How would you close up or replace the skin?
  • What kind of medications will be prescribed?
  • What can I do before surgery to ensure the best results?
  • When can I return to my daily activities again?

Your Mohs Reconstruction Procedure

Depending on the shape and size of the deficit, your surgery may involve various techniques decided upon during your consultation. Your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia or sedation. 

If your deficit is smaller and the skin surrounding it is elastic, Dr. Holley may opt for closing the deficit with sutures.

Other options for reconstruction involve local skin (e.g., cartilage from the ear) or donor skin from another area of the body to transfer and close up the deficit with sutures. Depending on the size of the deficits, the surgery will be about an hour long.

Mohs Reconstruction Recovery

As with any major surgery, swelling and bruising can be expected. You will be given bandages or dressings to minimize initial swelling. Swelling will decrease after 7-10 days. You may return to light daily activities after a couple of days; however, more strenuous forms of exercise should be avoided for about three weeks.  Most patients are able to return to work 1-2 weeks after surgery.

As the swelling decreases, you will begin to see results several weeks after the surgery. While your body heals, your results will continue to improve and look more natural over several months. The results that Dr. Scott Holley provides through Mohs reconstruction surgery are incredible and natural. He works to ensure every one of his clients at West Michigan Plastic Surgery is very satisfied with the end result.

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