Hand and Wrist Surgery

Comprehensive Hand Care and Reconstruction

Our board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Scott Holley, specializes in treating complex hand problems, such as replantation of severed fingers and joint replacement for arthritis. Using a full spectrum of techniques in hand surgery, he also cares for many patients with less severe, but equally important, problems such as fingertip injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. The hand is so complex that seeing a doctor who specializes in upper extremity care is likely to provide the best solution – even for problems that may seem small.

Dr. Scott Holley has received advanced training in hand surgical techniques and is recognized as a leader in this highly complex specialty. You can find out more about your options at West Michigan Plastic Surgery when you request a consultation online or get in touch with us by phone at (269) 222-1611.

Patients come to West Michigan Plastic Surgery for a variety of upper extremity problems, including:

    • Emergency treatment of hand/wrist injuries and fractures
    • Hand/wrist reconstruction following disabling injury, burn, or paralysis
    • Correction of birth defects
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries
    • Trigger finger
    • Arthritis, including joint reconstruction (arthritic joint reconstruction)
    • Removal of cysts, tumors, and skin lesions
    • Dupuytren’s contracture
    • Tendon and ligament repair
    • Scar removal or revision
    • Treatment of infections

Hand Therapy of Michigan

For many patients with upper extremity problems, specialized therapy and orthotics are essential to recovery. It often enables patients to avoid surgery, and helps patients who have had hand surgery to regain function, minimize pain, and increase motion and strength. At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, a multidisciplinary team of skilled occupational therapists, physical therapists, and vocational rehab counselors are available to monitor each patient carefully and coordinate his or her rehabilitation needs.

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