Complex Wound and Trauma Care

Trauma or injury can cause scarring, disfigurement, and even functional impairment that may be unwelcome reminders of your experience and may impair your quality of life. At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, Dr. Holley and our highly trained staff offer a caring environment with the latest and most advanced treatments in both burn surgery and scar revision.

You need to know you can trust your surgeon to care personally about your goals and your results. Dr. Scott Holley has received advanced training in reconstructive procedures, including burn surgery, and offers caring, personalized approaches to help you enhance your quality of life. Learn more about our advanced approaches and personal commitment to your results when you request a consultation online or contact West Michigan Plastic Surgery by phone at (269) 222-1611.

Your Options for Burn and Complex Wound Care

Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body, caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors or disease. It is generally performed to improve functions, but may also be done to approximate a normal appearance. Typical goals include:

  • Revised appearance of burn scars
  • Enhanced appearance and functionality of tissue after injury or trauma
  • Improved self-confidence and quality of life

Dr. Holley has extensive training in advanced techniques for a whole range of procedures to treat and correct complex wounds and to revise the appearance of other surgeon’s corrective procedures. He will take the time to evaluate your goals and outline your best options in clear language. Based on your physiology, he will recommend an approach that integrates some of the most up-to-date techniques available, with special attention to both the appearance and functionality of your final results.

Insurance Coverage for Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is generally covered by most health insurance policies, although coverage for specific procedures and levels of coverage may vary greatly. Burn and wound care is one of the “gray areas” in coverage for plastic surgery that may sometimes require special consideration by an insurance carrier. These areas usually involve surgical operations which may be reconstructive or cosmetic, depending on each patient’s situation.

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