Wrinkle Fillers in Kalamazoo

Fillers are an excellent option for people bothered by wrinkles, hollow cheeks, and even thin lips. Dr. Scott Holley at West Michigan Plastic Surgery recommends the Restylane family of fillers to any of his patients who are desiring fuller and smoother skin. Restylane will elevate your facial transformation by not only improving your imperfections, but also giving you natural and long-lasting results.

Restylane is a gel-like injectable substance that uses HA (hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring chemical) to restore a youthful firmness and fullness to your face. Once injected, you will notice immediate improvements that will have you looking like a younger version of yourself. With this quick and easy procedure, Restylane is the perfect procedure for those who are looking for a simple– yet effective– way to youthful skin.

Your Restylane Consultation

During the initial consultation with Dr. Holley, he will discuss the versatility of Restylane with each of his Kalamazoo patients and also talk about the results they hope to see to ensure satisfaction. He will answer any questions, discuss multiple injection sessions, and create a unique plan that will give you the best and most natural results. Dr. Scott Holley will help to choose the right Restylane filler for you.

Restylane Questions to Discuss with Dr. Holley

  • Is Restylane right for me?
  • How many Restylane injections will I need?
  • What are possible side effects of Restylane?
  • How long will my procedure last?
  • What should I do after the treatment?

Your Restylane Procedure

The simple and easy Restylane procedure involves Dr. Holley administering a series of injections to target area(s) of your face. It will take no longer than a half hour to complete your procedure.

Restylane Recovery

There is no downtime with Restylane, so you may return to work after your procedure. Immediately after the injections, you may experience some bruising, swelling, or redness near the injected area. The swelling will decrease in 2-3 days.

You will see fullness and smoother skin one week after your procedure. Depending on your target area, your results may be visible for up to 18 months. Restylane fillers at West Michigan Plastic Surgery make achieving smooth skin and a youthful appearance quick, safe, and easy.

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