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The loss of collagen can result in wrinkles and the loss of volume in the face, neck, and hands. The best way to fix this problem is to stimulate collagen growth beneath the skin and make your body do the work for you. Dr. Scott Holley at West Michigan Plastic Surgery offers Radiesse fillers to all of his Kalamazoo patients who are looking for a solution to their aging skin.

radiesse before and after

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Radiesse is a filler used to correct wrinkles, as well as to add volume to the hands. After injection, Radiesse will immediately plump up the skin and continue to stimulate collagen growth over time, allowing for long-lasting results.

Your Radiesse Consultation

At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, Dr. Holley understands that in the initial consultation with anyone considering Radiesse, it is important to discuss the injection process, recovery, results, and, of course, any questions you may have. He will want to hear and understand your goals for Radiesse and will create a plan unique to your needs to ensure beautiful results.

Radiesse Questions to Discuss with Dr. Holley

  • Is Radiesse right for me?

  • How many Radiesse injections will I need?
  • What are possible side effects of Radiesse?
  • How long will Radiesse last?
  • What should I expect after the treatment?

Your Radiesse Procedure

Dr. Holley will use a small needle to inject the Radiesse filler treatment in your target area. The injection will immediately provide volume underneath your skin and begin to accelerate your own body’s collagen growth to bring youthful, smooth skin.  You can expect this procedure to last about a half hour and it is performed in-office at Dr. Scott Holley’s Kalamazoo practice.

Radiesse Recovery

There is no downtime with Radiesse, so you may return to work right after your injections. Immediately following the procedure, you may experience some bruising, swelling, or redness near the injected area. The swelling will decrease within 4-7 days.

You will see immediate results after your procedure and, depending on your target area, your results may be visible up to a year.  Radiesse helps your body create the collagen that it has lost over the years, leaving you with the beautiful, smooth skin you have been missing.

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Portage and Battle Creek board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Scott Holley, and the team at West Michigan Plastic Surgery understand that each patient has different motivations and goals for his or her procedure. Experience for yourself the advantages of high-quality care, natural and beautiful outcomes, and an understanding surgeon when you contact West Michigan Plastic Surgery today at (269) 222-1611, or online by clicking the button below.

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