Botox Injectable Wrinkle Treatment in Kalamazoo

In some cases, surgery is not necessary to refresh your look, and there are good reasons Botox® Cosmetic is the go-to procedure for both women and men who want to see smoother, younger skin without surgery. This treatment improves the appearance of several facial areas, including “crow’s feet,” the forehead and eyebrows, with no downtime needed for recovery.

botox before and after

Botox results provided by Allergan.

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Patients from all over West Michigan trust their Botox treatments to the trained and meticulous professionals at West Michigan Plastic Surgery. Find out more about our selection of injectable treatments when you request a consultation online or get in touch with us by phone at (269) 222-1611.

Your Botox Consultation

Botox Cosmetic is FDA-approved for an extensive range of uses, but for longer-lasting cosmetic results this treatment requires an understanding of facial aesthetics and balance as well as detailed knowledge of facial anatomy. Under the oversight of our board certified plastic surgeon, you will discuss your goals and motivations for undergoing this procedure before you decide on a specific course of treatment.

Botox Questions to Discuss

  • Which treatment areas do you recommend as most effective for my concerns?
  • What measures do you take to prevent the “numb” look that some people associate with Botox?
  • For my case, specifically, how would Botox’s results compare to microdermabrasion, brow lift, or other noninvasive treatments?
  • Do you recommend laser resurfacing or another treatment simultaneous with Botox to ensure a balanced result?

Your Botox Cosmetic Procedure

Botox Cosmetic improves the look of the whole face by relaxing the muscles that create movement-related wrinkles, so the typical treatment session will focus on the areas where repeated facial expressions have worn creases in your facial tissues. In some cases, patients have a combination of dynamic and static wrinkles (which remain visible regardless of your expression), so your face will be examined closely before recommending Botox Cosmetic and/or a dermal filler.

Popular treatment areas for Botox Cosmetic include:

  • “Frown lines” and brow furrows: Over time, repeated facial expressions create tension in the forehead muscles, emphasizing the horizontal “frown lines” above the brows and “number 11” creases between them. The right amount of Botox applied to these muscles will allow the other forehead muscles to pull these tissues into a naturally smoother, younger-looking position.
  • Corners of the eyes (“crow’s feet”): Often, Botox can also correct “laugh lines” and “crow’s feet” at the corners of the eyes. For very deep creases, a more permanent surgical procedure such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)may be more appropriate, but for shorter-term improvements, Botox is often highly effective.
  • Facial Shaping:Botox can be used in small quantities to subtly shape areas of the face including the brow, lip, and neck bands.

Botox requires no anesthesia and creates practically no discomfort. At West Michigan Plastic Surgery, the injection process typically takes under half an hour, and most patients return to work and their normal schedule right after their treatment.

Botox Recovery

Botox Cosmetic is a no-downtime, practically instantaneous procedure, so patients typically return to work or their busy schedules within less than an hour of treatment. A small amount of redness at the incision sites is typical, but this should subside within hours of your treatment.

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