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If you are bothered by excess skin or stubborn fat beneath your neck, a neck lift may be an excellent option for you. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scoot Holley is ready to team up with you to refine the contours of your neck for a slimmer, younger look.

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A neck lift involves the repositioning and tightening of the underlying tissue, removal of excess skin, and, in some cases, liposuction—in order to address areas of unwanted fat along the neck. Dr. Holley commonly performs the neck lift in conjunction with a facelift, but it can also be performed as a standalone procedure depending on your unique goals.

Your Neck Lift Consultation

Dr. Holley wants to ensure that all of his Michigan clients are comfortable and knowledgeable before making any surgical decisions. He will examine your neck and ask about your goals for your neck lift. Given your expectations and needs, he will discuss the details of your surgery, including anesthesia, neck lift surgery steps, if facial liposuction is recommended, recovery time associated with a neck ift, as well as any additional questions you may have.

Neck Lift Questions to Discuss with Dr. Holley

  • Is a neck lift right for me?
  • Where will you perform the neck lift?
  • What can I do to prepare for my surgery?
  • What can I expect my results to look like and how long do they last?
  • When can I return to daily activities?

Your Neck Lift Procedure

You will be placed under general anesthesia or sedation to ensure optimal comfort. Dr. Holley will make an incision near the area around the sideburns, down past the ear and to the jaw. The fatty tissue beneath the skin will then be removed or repositioned as needed. The underlying muscle may also be tightened. Excess skin will be removed to provide your neck with a firm and youthful contour. If liposuction is needed, another incision will be made beneath the chin where a cannula will be inserted to suction the fat out. Sutures will be placed to close incision sites.

Neck Lift Recovery

Immediately after your neck lift procedure, you may experience some swelling or bruising of the treatment area. A bandage will be wrapped around your neck and lower face to reduce swelling. Be sure to keep your head elevated post-surgery, as well, in order to minimize swelling and assist with the healing process.

As your swelling decreases, you will begin to see the results of your neck lift surgery gradually. Your final result will be evident around 1-2 months, and scarring will begin to fade around six months. However, due to the hidden nature of the incision sites, scarring is kept within the hairline and curvature of the ear, minimizing any visibility and making for a more natural look. The neck lift results that Dr. Holley produces are nothing short of incredible. In his 18+ years of experience, he has transformed wrinkles, excess skin, and double chins to create youthful, rejuvenated necks that his patients love seeing in the mirror.

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