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Thigh Reshaping in Kalamazoo

Do you find your selection of outfits being based largely on what will best hide your thighs? Losing a large amount of weight or even the natural effects of aging can leave you with loose skin and stubborn fat along your thighs that can make it difficult to feel comfortable about your appearance. Whether you’re spending hours searching for the most slimming pair of pants or refusing to show a little skin during the warmer months, it’s time to feel confident in your body again with beautifully firm and well-shaped thighs. Dr. Scott Holley is a board certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to providing his patients with rewarding thigh lift results.

A thigh lift is designed to reduce excess fat and skin to smooth and reshape the thighs. After the surgery, patients will enjoy firmer, well-contoured thighs that will have them wearing their favorite pair of shorts to show off their amazing results.

Your Thigh Lift Consultation

Dr. Holley and his team at Western Michigan Plastic Surgery are prepared to help you make the best decision to accomplish natural and satisfying results. Dr. Scott Holley will work with you to answer any questions and will talk about goals for the thigh lift, as well as discussing surgical approaches that he recommends for your unique circumstances. Dr. Holley is dedicated to ensuring all his patients are well informed and are comfortable with their decision regarding any procedure.

Thigh Lift Questions to Discuss with Dr. Holley

  • Is a thigh lift right for me?
  • How will you make me comfortable during surgery?
  • How can I prepare for surgery?
  • When can I return to normal activities after surgery?

Your Thigh Lift Procedure

You will be placed under general anesthesia before undergoing thigh lift surgery. Dr. Holley will make an incision near the inner thigh that may extend to the back of the thigh depending on the area needing correction. Fat removal will then take place through liposuction, as needed. The remaining tissue will be tightened, and any excess skin will be removed to create a beautiful contour of the leg. The skin is then smoothed and sutures will be placed to close up the incisions. The end result will leave you with lean, firm thighs.

Thigh Lift Recovery

Bruising and swelling can be expected after surgery, although dressing or bandages will be placed around the incision sites to help reduce swelling. Many of Dr. Holley’s patients are able to return to work after a few weeks.

While you will see immediate results, the improvements will be more apparent over time as your body heals. Your skin will feel smooth and tight and your thigh will look firm and thin. These beautiful results can be enjoyed for many years to come with a continued healthy lifestyle.

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