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Having firm and tight buttocks is one of the most sought after body goals in today’s society. However, aging, pregnancy, weight loss and genetics leave many with sagging or loose skin as well as excess fat in the gluteal area. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Holley is prepared to help each of his Michigan patients through the process of buttocks lift surgery.

A buttocks lift is designed to smooth and tone your buttocks with a combination of fat and excess skin removal. If you are dissatisfied with your back side and looking for the best results, a buttocks lift performed by Dr. Scott Holley will leave you feeling confident and ready to show off your new figure.

Your Buttocks Lift Consultation

Dr. Scott Holley will work with you to guide you through the buttock lift process, including recovery and results. During your initial consultation, your expectations will be discussed, questions regarding the surgery will be answered, and an overview of the surgery process will be talked over. Dr. Holley understands that a buttocks lift is a very personal decision, and he wants you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the procedure. He will use this initial consultation to ensure that you have the information needed to make an informed decision.

Buttocks Lift Questions to Discuss with Dr. Holley

  • Is a buttocks lift right for me?
  • Where will you perform the buttocks lift?
  • What can I do to prepare for my surgery?
  • What can I expect my results to look like?
  • When can I return to daily activities?

Your Buttocks Lift Procedure

Your buttocks lift will be performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Holley will make an incision above or below your buttocks or along the groin area. He will then remove any excess skin and tissue that might be causing a loose or sagging appearance of the buttocks. If liposuction is required, he will insert a cannula through a small incision to suction the excess fat out. He will then close the incision with sutures and smooth the skin to achieve a naturally firm and youthful appearance of the buttocks.

Buttocks Lift Recovery

Immediately after surgery, you may experience some swelling and redness in the gluteal area. Bandages or dressings will be applied to reduce swelling. These symptoms often fade over the next 4-6 weeks. Many patients return back to work after three weeks of recovery.

As your body heals and swelling decreases, you will begin to see the long-lasting results. Your skin will be smooth and your buttocks shape will be balanced and natural-looking.

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