Dr. Holley has years of experience providing men with the natural enhancements they desire for their appearance. He is able to achieve results that not only sculpt the face and body, but that are also subtle and not overdone. Dr. Holley is trained in treating his male patients in a careful manner that maintains a masculine appearance while achieving their aesthetic goals.

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for Male Cosmetic Surgery

Body Contouring

Whether you are seeking a trim and toned stomach, or you’ve been unable to rid yourself of excess skin after undergoing major weight loss, Dr. Scott Holley is the man for the job.

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Facial Sculpting

Whether aging of the eyes is making a man look older, large or protruding ears are causing him to feel self-conscious, or loose and wrinkled skin is leaving him feeling unlike himself, Dr. Holley helps guide all his male patients at West Michigan Plastic Surgery to achieve their desired look.

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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia Surgery

While it is not often talked about, gynecomastia—a condition that causes an enlarged appearance of the male breasts—affects many men and can cause low self-esteem. Dr. Scott Holley is ready to help men in Kalamazoo and the surrounding area achieve a taut and masculine chest with customized male breast reduction surgery.

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Non-Surgical Options for Men

More than ever, men are concerned with their appearance and want to feel good about the way they look no matter what their age. Dr. Scott Holley offers a variety of simple, yet effective, non-surgical procedures to help give men amazing, youthful and natural results that require only a quick trip to West Michigan Plastic Surgery before getting back to daily life.

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Meet Dr. Scott Holley

Dr. Scott Holley is a board certified plastic surgeon, board certified hand surgeon, and master at non-invasive aesthetic treatments. For over twenty years, he has been known as a surgeon with an incredible eye, the finest training and expertise, and a natural ability to connect with his patients. His capacity to elegantly blend art with science enables Dr. Holley to achieve the precise, discreet results his patients expect.

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